We're a group of volunteers driven to unify help worldwide

Our Mission

We're a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating access to resources worldwide. Through our logistical technology and mutual aid network, we help bridge the gap between people in need in the most vulnerable communities of the world and organizations that can help.

Our humble mission started out as a small peer-to-peer platform to help those who needed it most during the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. Since then, Reach4Help has evolved into a tech nonprofit offering other organizations access to a vast network of organizations. We now connect hundreds of thousands of people with the resources they need.

We work with a variety of organizations on the ground across the globe, ranging from local charities to national helpline call centers. When one of our partner organizations receives a request for help, we use our mutual aid map and NGO dashboard to facilitate a connection between the requesting party and the organization(s) that can help.


Thank you to all the companies supporting us on our mission!

Just this January, Google for Nonprofits granted us $120,000 this year for outreach!

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