Conecting people in need with people who can help

We connect you with local volunteers and help organizations when you need it most.

Our Mission

We're a nonprofit unifying access to volunteer help worldwide. Through technology, we’re providing quick and easy access to help and resources in your area with local organizations like AIESEC in Portugal, the House of Good Deeds in NYC and more.

With over 300 volunteers in 25 countries and 6 continents, we're connecting communities in need to food banks, charity events, and day-to-day services worldwide. Together, we're building a network of help to keep us stronger and more connected through COVID-19 and beyond.


Hailing from LA to Morocco to Portugal to Bangladesh, we’re an international collective of volunteers from all walks of life, united to ensure that everyone, everywhere can Reach4Help.

Key Contacts

  • Executive Director: Shayan Chowdhury
  • Technical Lead: Joseph Ashwin Kottapurath
  • Design Lead: Samantha Uebel
  • Marketing Lead: Yi Zhou

  • We’re looking for volunteer ReactJS developers, marketing/PR strategists and UI/UX designers to help ramp up our efforts fighting the US West Coast wildfires and the incoming second wave of COVID-19.


    We want to thank all the brands, companies, and community supporters that are helping us on our mission!

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