Connecting people in need with people who can help

We make humanitarian aid more accessible for the world's most vulnerable and remote communities

Why Work With Reach4Help


One-Stop Shop

Don't waste hours searching. Get help fast with our database of aid organizations and resources.


Easily Available

View our mutual aid map on the go from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop.


Completely Free

No subscriptions or hidden fees.

How Reach4Help Works

Step 1


Request Help

When someone in need reaches out to one of our partner organizations for assistance, we receive the request and assess a list of organizations with the resources to help (based on type of need, location, etc.).

Step 2


Coordinate Getting Help

Then, we coordinate the logistics necessary to connect the person in need with the organization(s) that can assist them.


We're a worldwide team of volunteers who come together to help make resources accessible for those in need around the globe

Meet the minds behind this initiative and join us!